Fr Rico de la Torre - Parish Priest
Fr Rico comes from the Archdiocese of Caceres, which is about 350km south of Manila, Philippines. He has been ordained for 12 years - four of those years as a parish priest.

He entered the diocesan preparatory seminary in June 1994, together with 41 other young boys (13 were eventually ordained priests). He learned about liturgy, basic Christian doctrine, prayers, Church history, played sports, hiked, etc., before formally integrated into a larger seminary community. He obtained his bachelor’s degree in Philosophy in 1999 and Theology in March 2004. He was ordained a deacon in June 2004, and to the presbyterate in June 2005.

During his time in our Parish he hopes to grow deeper in knowledge and wisdom about himself, the Universal Church he serves, and in his relationship with God.

As we make our journey together as God’s people, let us not forget to support one another and pray for one another.