Our Lady of Hope Girls Group

“Where two or three gather in my name, there I will always be”


These three words perfectly summarise what the girls group is all about. Girls from ages 7 – 15 yrs gather together in Our Lady of Fatima Church foyer on Fridays (During School Term) from 4:30 – 5:30pm to celebrate our faith.

Together we explore topics on the bible, sacraments, messages from the Holy Father and many more faith-filled subjects. Often I encourage the girls to decide on what they would like to learn about their faith as it gives them the opportunity to be open and honest about their faith.

The girls participate in all of the activities at Church (Altar Service, Stations of the Cross, Chrism Mass etc.) with other youth. Often the Girls attend Sessions around wellington ( Life Teen or Jesus 4 Real Camp). We have enjoyed family days in the past, where we made a trip to the zoo. We often attend Worship Night at St Gerard’s on the last Friday of the month.

Our mission is to help the girls on their faith journey and nurture their love for God.

For more enquiries you can Contact Chantelle on 0212174960 or emailing misscanthony@hotmail.co.nz

My Name is Chantelle.I have been one of the leaders of the Group since it was founded in 2012.I am a Registered Nurse and half way through my Masters.I do believe the girls will do well in the company of their sisters who love Jesus.I am Passionate about fostering the girls faith.The group has flourish into a multicultural group. We often cerebrate our differences as we know God has made us in his own image.We love and respect each other and often reach out to others. Proud of what this group of girls have achieved and look forward to what the future holds for this group.

Co - Leader:
Teresa started off as a member of the girls group and I found she had tremendous potential in leadership and commitment to the group. She is currently in her last year at high school.

You are Beautiful
For you are Fearfully
And Wonderfully Made
Psalms 139:14