Pastoral Council

The nature and purpose of Pastoral Councils are closely linked together and the Parish Pastoral Council of Our Lady of Hope conforms to the general guidelines laid down by the Archdiocese.

The Catholic Church has made a number of statements regarding the purpose of pastoral councils. The aim of the council is to make the life and activity of the parish ever more closely conform to the gospel. It assists the parish’s apostolic work, and coordinates various independent lay associations and initiatives.

The members assist the parish priest in planning the pastoral Program for the Parish and tries to ensure that it is carried out effectively.

The pastoral council is the organization responsible for creating, reviewing and updating the parish plan that guides the parish in its mission. The Pastoral Council investigates pastoral matters under the leadership of the parish priest, ponders them and draws practical conclusions. Unlike the parish staff, the pastoral council is not a group of experts in catechesis, liturgy, pastoral care or education. The council is made up of parishioners who have a vested interest in the life and development of the parish and want to help the priest in this regard.

It is the vision of our Parish, Our Lady of Hope, led by the Holy Spirit to love the Lord our God with all our heart, to love our sisters and brothers as ourselves, and in the process to proclaim Jesus as Lord. We aim to make Jesus Christ the centre of our lives, And through him to show God present and visible to all people.

You can find the current Parish Pastoral Council Members in the latest edition of the Stories of Hope.