Filipino Community

From Little Things, Big Things Grow

Mabuhay! If you see chattering groups of people gathered outside the church at the end of the mass, chances are they are Filipinos. Exchanging pleasantries or just catching up is part of the Filipino's sense of friendship and unity. Though not related, we consider ourselves family.

The Filipino community of Our Lady of Hope Parish has grown over the years. The Leo Connor Hall of St. Francis Xavier School is filled to capacity whenever we have functions. The Our Lady of Fatima church has provided us with the much needed sanctuary for our faith, our regular haven to refill our spiritual needs. This church is also where we meet and strengthen our solidarity as Filipinos.

We appreciate being part of a warm and welcoming parish community, and endeavour to participate in all the parish activities. We are involved in every parish ministry - Eucharistic, liturgy, music, weekly adoration, and church cleaning. Our children are encouraged to serve as altar assistants. We also join in special parish celebrations. In our own small way, we share our Filipino culture and our historically rich traditions to the other members of the community. As Filipinos, we believe that it is our pride to share our rich Filipino heritage and stimulate awareness of and keep alive its enduring qualities and importance.

The community is also being guided by the Filipino chaplaincy here in Wellington and have been collaborating with other Filipino communities in the Archdiocese.

Please feel free to approach anyone of us. You'll find that we are oftentimes shy to volunteer, but if asked and we are able, we happily oblige.

We also encourage new Filipinos in the parish to approach us. We can try to help you in transitioning to your new home, meet new friends and become part of our welcoming community.